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Posifon offers mobile care alarms and medicin reminders for improved safety and independence.

Posifon Safety Services

GPS trackers for everyone
The freedom to be active outdoors
Of course a safety alarm should work outdoors as well as indoors! This is especially important when working with rehabilitation, caring for people with dementia as well as when supporting people with cognitive impairment. Posifon’s mobile safety alarm gives an increased sense of safety to the person using it as well as to family and friends. With the help of our GPS alarm you can fast and easily make contact and communicate your position. This is a safety feature that increases the sense of independence, which leads to greater quality of life. With our mobile safety alarms you can localise a person outdoors which provides care personal with the opportunity to shift focus from monitoring to caring. We all benefit from people being active outdoors.
well tested
Posifon at your workplace
Anyone can benefit from an alarm function, the question is when and where. Some people work alone in environments where, should an accident occur, they will not be found. Someone might feel threatened at work or during their spare time. Others enjoy spare time activities that might pose a risk. The reason does not really matter. Posifon is offering custom made GPS alarms/personal alarms for anyone who has got the need for one. Apart from providing safety for users and reducing worry for family or friends, Posifon’s services also facilitates work management and planning. Thanks to a discreet appearance or concealed placement the alarm does not need to be a restriction in a vulnerable situation. Please feel free to contact us for a conversation regarding how our services can be tailored to fit your needs.
Safety-creating functions
The users life situation and abilities is what determines what functions are important in order to feel safe. For some, the ability to easily alert family, friends or an alarm central, is crucial. For care personal- or for the family of a person with symptoms of dementia (which could mean issues with localization) it is a mutual sense of safety to be able to be aware if the person is moving outside a predetermined area, for example the usual daily walk. If the user lacks understanding of when it is suitable to ask for assistance there is a possibility for qualified personal to localise the user from a distance. Posifon’s services and products are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the individual. The settings can easily be adjusted if needs and demands are changing. Posifon’s different mobile safety alarms are first and foremost used as an aid in cases of dementia or in case of other cognitive disorders and in the fulfilment of LSS (The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons...
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Scientifically evaluated
At Posifon we value the personal integrity and the ability for the user to keep his or hers independence and freedom despite a changed life situation or health issues. Based on these grounds of values we have developed a flexible service to suit a number of different needs. Today we offer the only scientifically evaluated GPS based safety alarms in Sweden. A high IT security is a matter of course and the use of the service is being logged. As the only supplier in Sweden we have created ethical guidelines for the use of mobile safety alarms. We have done this in cooperation with leading scientists and you can read more about these guidelines in our bank of knowledge as well as in an internationally published scientific study where our services and GPS alarms have been evaluated.

Benefits All!

How does the alarm function work?
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En användare av Posifon GeoSKeeper tillsammans med en anhörig.
Elderly and remaining active
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Active seniors enjoying life
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Smartsole kan användas med trygghetsområden som uppmärksammar anhöriga eller personal om användaren rör sig utanför kända områden.
How does secure areas work?
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Posifon Keruve är en klocka med gps-larm i armbandet.
How does localisation work?
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En man på Mountainbike, på väg in i skogen.
Sense of freedom and activity
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