Our Mobile Care Alarms

We offer the possibility to test our alarms. Contact us for more information.

Pico Pro
Pico Pro Posifon Pico Pro is a Swedish-designed GPS alarm and mobile security alarm. As the name suggests,...
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Nano Posifon Nano mobile social alarm. A compact format but still long battery life and superior precision....
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Posifon Navy
Navy Posifon Navy is a mobile security alarm that works both indoors and outdoors. The wristwatch is...
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Pico Posifon Pico is a swedish designed GPS alarm and mobile security alarm. Posifon Pico is as the name...
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GPS-larm SmartSole
GPS SmartSole
GPS SmartSole Posifon GPS Smartsole is a GPS alarm that is placed in your shoes. It is activated when...
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Posifons Keruve är ett armbandsur där GPS-enheten sitter i armbandet.
Keruve Posifon Keruve provides the option of keeping your old watch but to also carry a GPS alarm on...
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