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Posifon Pico is a swedish designed GPS alarm and mobile security alarm. Posifon Pico is as the name suggests a GPS safety alarm in a small size. Unique design and perfect size make it ideal as a social alarm that works outside your home.

Long battery life

Advanced technology can be found behind the shell, enabling both fast and reliable positioning. The distinctive feature of this device, in addition to the design and size, is its battery life and performance. In the standby mode, the battery can last up to 20 days. In the normal working mode, it will last between 3-7 days.

Smart alarm functions

Posifon Pico is not only a GPS tracker, but also a safety phone. The decide supports two-way communication. You can call to your MiniFinder Pico, but also call from it to one or more preset phone numbers.

Additionally, the device contains a fall sensor that can detect a fall and send out an alarm completely automatically.


Posifon Pico is available in several colors to make it easy for you to find a device that suits the needs of you and those close to you. The colors available are Black, Blue, Green and Pink.


Posifon Pico is integrated and offered together with our portal PosifonCare, an easy-to-use GPS alarm operating system. All features and settings are made in the portal, where all our models of GPS alarms are integrated and work together in a simple and efficient way. All settings can be altered remotely and then transferred to the device via the mobile network. The system is built along with eight active municipalities with a focus on enabling large-scale use, to assure quality of alarm actions, and to ensure that all our users of GPS alarms get the help they need and deserve. Do not hesitate to use the device that best suits the individual need.