Mobile Care Alarms

Reasons for using Mobile Care Alarms

The three most common reasons why a user wishes to or is in need of mobile care alarms are:

Users who use mobile care alarms for safety reasons often use the alarm’s features such as safety zones, door alarms, fall alarms, or other unique solutions. These users often require environmental or individual adaptations to call for support. Users who utilize mobile care alarms for safety reasons often wish to be able to independently call for support, but also for the environment to be able to act or search for the user’s position in specific situations. These users often want few but specific settings. Users who wish to use mobile care alarms for independence reasons only wish to use the alarm in emergency situations.

Multiple models with shared management

A GPS model can not independently create the conditions for offering good, individualized care with freedom of movement for everyone. To meet this need, there need to be different variations of mobile care alarms that each offer several functions, ways to wear the mobile care alarm, but have shared management.

The possibilities with Mobile Care Alarms

We are proud to offer users the best, flexible, and customizable mobile care alarms on the market with an accessible and discreet design. These can provide the opportunity to:

  • Independently or through individual adaptations call for attention or alert
  • Increase psychological and social well-being
  • Remote conversations
  • Continue to maintain an activity level that the user feels good about
  • Spend time outdoors in nature, in the garden or on the balcony and enjoy the health benefits of outdoor life
  • With support, manage several household chores
  • Maintain social distancing
  • See where you are if you need support
  • In unforeseen events such as staff shortages or similar, use alarms for activity and communication
  • Use fall alarms or other important functionality.