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Medication Reminders

Medication reminders create security

One is constantly reminded to take the important medication. One does not have to worry about taking too much or not taking it at all. A medication reminder both reminds and prevents incorrect dosages.


As caregivers, we have an increasing responsibility for our elderly. However, it is impossible to always be present. Therefore, a connected medication reminder serves an important function. We do not have to worry about our loved ones not taking their important medication or, even worse, taking several doses at once.

Different functions and needs

Some want a portable medication reminder that can be taken along to activities or work, while for others it is important that the medication is stored securely. Whether it is a Careousel, Medido, or MiniTell, different medication reminders are needed to meet the various needs that exist, and we can offer a wide range of quality-assured and well-proven products.

Dosagedispending medicin (Apodos)
A medication reminder and dispenser can do more than just remind you to take your medicine. Medido, which is a medication dispenser we recommend for Apodos users, not only reminds the user to take the medicine but also helps the user cut open the bag for easy access to the medicine.
Other medication (Dosett)
Careousel is a small, smart, and easy-to-use dosette with a reminder function. It is programmed in a simple way and then dispenses the right medication at the right time. Careousel GSM is equipped with a built-in mobile phone module that allows you to be alerted by SMS, set up Careousel on a web page, and have full control over when the medication is taken.