GPS SmartSole

Posifon GPS Smartsole is a GPS alarm that is placed in your shoes. It is activated when the user is in motion and will alert family, care personal or an alarm central if the person in question is moving outside a predetermined area.
The sole is a discrete way of providing tracking opportunities for those who may not remember to- or may not wish to carry a phone, wristband or pocket unit.

A discrete GPS alarm

With the GPS unit placed in the sole of the shoe, the user is not wearing a visible alarm that can be disruptive or be taken off. If the shoes are being used then the alarm will always be there. The only necessary action is to place the sole back in the shoes after it has been charged. With Posifon GPS Smartsole, being active is easy and the sense of freedom is not being compromised.


Posifon GPS Smartsole is always switched on and has an energy saving mode for a long battery life. A warning will be sent out when the battery level is low. The charging is wireless, the sole is simply placed on the charging unit. When the sole is not in use it will enter resting mode and as soon as it is set in motion it will be activated and resume localisation.


Since all electronic parts are encapsulated within the sole, the risk of damage to the unit is minimal. It picks up on changes in direction and speed, registering positioning at suitable times. The unit is water resistant and created for the environment that a shoe would normally be used in.


Posifon takes pride in adapting to the ethical aspects of using GPS technique, please see our ethical guidelines. If a GPS SmartSole is to be used when caring for people with dementia, or as support in daily life for people who may struggle with the ability to make decisions, we would like to request that a carer evaluate if the user will be aware that he or she is carrying a GPS unit, and what effects this may have.
Units that are carried around the neck or on the wrist opens up the possibility for a more active consent.
On the other hand, we see no difference between carrying a GPS alarm in a bag, in a pocket, on a keychain or on a walking frame. Accordning to us, the most important aspect is that the user of the alarm can live an independent and active life for as long as possible.
The usage of a GPS alarm is often the smallest action to secure safety and freedom.


Smartsole is integrated and offered together with our portal PosifonCare, an easy-to-use GPS alarm operating system. All features and settings are made in the portal, where all our models of GPS alarms are integrated and work together in a simple and efficient way. All settings can be altered remotely and then transferred to the device via the mobile network. The system is built along with eight active municipalities with a focus on enabling large-scale use, to assure quality of alarm actions, and to ensure that all our users of GPS alarms get the help they need and deserve. Do not hesitate to use the device that best suits the individual need.