Posifon Keruve provides the option of keeping your old watch but to also carry a GPS alarm on your wrist. Your family or friends can search for your positioning or recieve messages should you leave a predetermined safety are. Your family or friends will manage this from a connected unit, our from our portal. There is also an option of ordering a Keruve watch specially adjusted to your needs. Contact us and we will tell you more.


Thanks to the GPS module being placed in the wristband you can use Posifon Keruve with your favourite watch, by just swapping wristbands.
An elegant clockwork is included if you did not own a watch previously.


Through its design and functionality the Keruve is a discrete GPS alarm that invites you to use it. The unit is switched on and off with a special tool, which is also used to open the wristband. The unit is waterproof (IP67) and is also offered in other designs.


For the Keruve you can purchase a single connected unit as an add-on. This will give friends and family easy access to the most important functions. This makes for the ideal alarm system for the family who may not use a computer frequently or for a person in residental care.


Keruve is integrated and offered together with our portal PosifonCare, an easy-to-use GPS alarm operating system. All features and settings are made in the portal, where all our models of GPS alarms are integrated and work together in a simple and efficient way. All settings can be altered remotely and then transferred to the device via the mobile network. The system is built along with eight active municipalities with a focus on enabling large-scale use, to assure quality of alarm actions, and to ensure that all our users of GPS alarms get the help they need and deserve. Do not hesitate to use the device that best suits the individual need.