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Smartwatch as a social care alarm

Posifon Zembro is developed in Sweden by experienced product developers at Sony. Posifon Zembro uses the latest 4G technology and is ready for the transition from 2G and 3G.

The device has a large and clear display that lights up when the wrist is angled to show the time. Digital watch face with clear numbers, battery level and mobile coverage are also shown in the display.

This mobile care alarm is a passive device aimed at those who do not need or want two way communication. The device is reliable and robust as well as more water resistant than many other devices on the market.

Zembro is positioned outdoors through GPS satellites and indoors through bluetooth beacons.

The device comes with four bluetooth beacons that can be placed in the user’s home. In this way, you get good and precise position information even when you are at home. The beacons are small and flexible and battery-powered, which means that they do not require a separate power supply.

What makes Posifon Zembro unique:


Posifon Zembro is integrated and offered together with our portal PosifonCare, which is an easy-to-use portal for GPS alarms. All functions and its settings are made in the portal where all our models of GPS alarms are integrated and work together in a simple and efficient way. All settings can be made remotely and transferred to the device via the mobile network. The system is built together with eight active municipalities with a focus on enabling large-scale use, to ensure the quality of the alarm measures and to ensure that all users of our GPS alarms receive the help they want and deserve. So do not hesitate to use the device that best suits the individual need.