The positioning system provided by Posifon makes you feel safe when spending time in unfamiliar places or in places where navigating might be difficult. As well as if you are taking part in spare time activities that might pose a risk. If you are in the outdoors or in an unfamiliar place, it provides at sense of safety in knowing that help can be reached quickly should it be needed. For elderly people, your health might not be what it used to, and a sense of safety will help you enjoy life.

When using the internet based services of Posifon, you can call for assistance if you need it. You decide who will receive your alarm, a family member, a friend or an alarm central. When using the alarm, the alarm receiver will receive a call or a text message from you and using the alarm portal they can see your location.

If you have gone missing, it is possible to locate you using the alarm portal, but only if you allow it. Using Posifon, you can make contact and receive help in a short amount of time.