Even if you are older, maybe starting to feel a bit fragile and is in need of assistance in your daily life, you should still be able to go outside on your own: Go for a walk, take your dog out, go to the shop, visit friends or just get som fresh air. To be able to do things on your own without the need for assistance improves your quality of life. Using Posifons safety solution and our mobile safety alarms, you have access to that extra sense of safety that is needed in order for you, your friends, family and to feel safe. The user decides who should be notified in case of an alarm. the person who receives the alarm will receive a phone call or a text message and by using an internet connection, will be able to see the positioning of the user.

Regardless of if you are living in your home or if you have moved to a care residence, there are many situations where you are capable of managing on your own which will benefit you and your care giver. Should you need assistance or find yourself to be lost, no mayor actions are needed and it is easy to find you.

Posifon takes pride in adapting to the ethical aspects of working with care. Therefore we have created ethical guidelines for the usage of our mobile safety alarms. You can read about these and other interesting reports in our bank of knowledge.