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If you have a disability in any form, you might sometimes encounter problems in your daily life. You might find yourself in a difficult situation when spending time outside. A wheelchair might break, a crutch might slip and you could fall over. A chronic illness makes itself known and you might not feel comfortable walking on by yourself.

What might be taken for granted by some people is not as easy for someone with a chronic somatic disability. Even if you have the will to go outside and be active, your loved ones might not feel comfortable and worry abut you, or insist on going with you.

Using our mobile safety alarms, we hope that you will feel more independent, be more active and be able to manage things on your own if you wish and your loved ones will know that you are safe. We believe that no one should have to refrain from activities due to insecurity. You should be able to feel independent and not in constant need af assistance or company.