How does the alarm function work?

With a mobile safety alarms with an alarm button, one simple klick and you will alert your care personal or your family. Multiple people can be alerted using a list created by you. As an extra measure of security, a text message with a pre determined text will also be sent out. Using the mobile […]

Elderly and remaining active

En användare av Posifon GeoSKeeper tillsammans med en anhörig.

Even if you are older, maybe starting to feel a bit fragile and is in need of assistance in your daily life, you should still be able to go outside on your own: Go for a walk, take your dog out, go to the shop, visit friends or just get som fresh air. To be […]

Active seniors enjoying life

The positioning system provided by Posifon makes you feel safe when spending time in unfamiliar places or in places where navigating might be difficult. As well as if you are taking part in spare time activities that might pose a risk. If you are in the outdoors or in an unfamiliar place, it provides at […]

How does secure areas work?

Smartsole kan användas med trygghetsområden som uppmärksammar anhöriga eller personal om användaren rör sig utanför kända områden.

A decision is taken together regarding the area that the user will use daily. Should you wish to register a larger area, it is easily done via our alarm portal or a connected unit. The active user will wear one of Posifons mobile safety alarms during the day, and he or she does not need […]

How does localisation work?

Posifon Keruve är en klocka med gps-larm i armbandet.

If the user of a mobilen safety alarm goes missing there is the option for family or care personal to localize the person, using our alarm portal or a relative unit. When localization is started new positions are sent on a regular basis. Some of our mobile safety alarms will also show previous positioning. With […]

Sense of freedom and activity

En man på Mountainbike, på väg in i skogen.

If you have a disability in any form, you might sometimes encounter problems in your daily life. You might find yourself in a difficult situation when spending time outside. A wheelchair might break, a crutch might slip and you could fall over. A chronic illness makes itself known and you might not feel comfortable walking […]