The Posifon GeoSKeeper is a competent GPS alarm with a built in telephone function. This means that the GeoSKeeper can be used not only as a mobile phone but also as a positioning alarm with a safety area. The unit can automatically answer a call made by family or friends and the user can make calls or send predetermined messages with the click of a button. There are many possibilities and the the GeoSKeeper is flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit specific needs.


Thanks to simple dialing, caller function, sms, safety zones and alarm it is possible to adjust the GeoSKeeper to every users specific needs. The functions are reached by (1) the push of a button, and are always within reach when you need to contact someone.


The unit can be worn on your wrist as a watch, on a strap around your neck or in a specially adjusted bag. It is water resistant to handle all types of weather (it can not handle laying in water). The buttons are large and clear to read and the unit is easy to use in all types of situations. GeoSKeeper provides freedom for the user.


The GeoSKeeper was developed in cooperation with the hospital Karolinska and was further developed with the help of active customers and users. The GeoSKeeper is scientifically evaluated and has been used on a number of occasions to reduce the worry of friends and family of the user. It has also been used to track people who have gotten lost outdoors.


GeoSKeeper is integrated and offered together with our portal PosifonCare, an easy-to-use GPS alarm operating system. All features and settings are made in the portal, where all our models of GPS alarms are integrated and work together in a simple and efficient way. All settings can be altered remotely and then transferred to the device via the mobile network. The system is built along with eight active municipalities with a focus on enabling large-scale use, to assure quality of alarm actions, and to ensure that all our users of GPS alarms get the help they need and deserve. Do not hesitate to use the device that best suits the individual need.