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User profile

If you work in several departments or business areas, and have permission to be a notification recipient, you can easily switch between departments. This is to be able to see the status of the users’ GPS alarms and, if necessary, start a search.

In the user profile, you can read information about the user and see individual wishes about how they want help and notification handling. It can also be used as identification with the purpose of being able to recognize and have a good strategy when meeting the user.

To reach the user profile, click on the menu which is at the bottom left of the map in alarm and when searching.

Close the view by dragging the header down on the screen.

It is important to show respect for the user’s integrity, and to establish trust quickly and to get consent to the support you want to offer. In the user profile, you can quickly see who you are going to meet, read notes on treatment strategy, as well as other information that the user himself or responsible personnel wants to be available. In the address field you will find the user’s home address.

You can call the user by pressing the green button next to the phone number. Then you call the person’s GPS alarm, provided that this function is activated on the device.

If you in the municipality use a user ID in communication between personnel, this is available in the view.

It is also possible to call the user’s contact person or next of kin if a complicated situation arises. For example, if the person does not agree to the proposed measure.

Only the fields that have been filled in are visible in the app. If a field is not displayed, it is because no information has been recorded.

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