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In this section you will see pictures and short explanations of how to perform a search for a user.

Select the user you want to search for. In this guide, we have chosen to search for Mats Larsson.

A menu icon appears at the bottom left. Click on it to see the action plan prepared for the user, as well as the status of the GPS device. From the menu bar you can also find the user profile, make map settings and call the GPS device (if the device has this function).

To perform a search; Click on the green button at the bottom “Start search”.

The user’s position is illustrated with a black position symbol (drop). If you want to find the longitude and latitude or street address where the user is located, press the black location symbol.

If you consider that you need to go and help the user, you can create an alert to log the event as an alarm situation. If you want to send the information to another alarm centre, you can press ‘Create alarm’.

When you have finished the search, press ‘End search’.

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