Vilka är vi?

Posifon AB is an IT / telecom company, based on app and mobile phone technology, offers advanced services for increased security and quality of life. We are an innovative and customer-oriented company based in Gothenburg, Sweden!

Våra Medarbetare

Anna-Lena Oskarsson

Ambassador of Welfare Technology

anna-lena.oskarsson [at]

Henrik Essunger


henrik.essunger [at]

Niklas Granung

Sales and Aftermarket

niklas [at]

Viktor Carlson


viktor.carlson [at]

Sebastian Bellevik

IT Supervisor

sebastian.bellevik [at]

Emma Fahlén

Software Developer

emma.fahlen [at]

Linnea Svensson

Software Developer

linnea.svensson [at]

Patricia Lundgren

Marketing Coordinator & Designer

patricia.lundgren [at]

Christian Wickerström

Software Developer & Web design

christian.wickerstrom [at]